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Quarter Beef Share

Quarter Beef Share

$300 Deposit
Save $250.00

 100% Grass Fed & Finished

 Naturally Raised

 Approximately 100 lbs of Premium Beef

√ Processing & Packing Included



  • 50 lbs of Ground Beef
  • 20 lbs of Assorted Steaks
  • 30 lbs of Family-roasts


You will only be charged the deposit once your order is received. The remainder will be charged upon fulfillment. This will be done manually so at checkout you will see the full price. But all orders are reviewed before your card is charged and will only be charged for the deposit.

Final Price:

The final price may differ from the price above. The final price is based on the hanging weight of the animal so you only pay for what you get.

Example for WHOLE Beef Share:

The hanging weight of your animal is 600 lbs. The price for a quarter beef share is $6.05/lb and the initial deposit is $300.

Due at checkout (manually charged): $300

600 x 1/4 x $6.05 = $907

Due on Delivery: $907 - $300 = $608 (+ tax)