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Our Roots Run Deep

A legacy lives on

We are your family ranchers


Keagan & Jordan 


Robert & Elizabeth

Where it all started


Ranching right here in Eastern Idaho can be traced back in our family for generations. In the late 1880's our ancestors came from Scotland & England and settled in Riverside, Idaho. 

Agriculture wasn't just our way of life but a testament to our dedication, perseverance, and close relationship with the land. We've passed down generations of tradition, hard work, and a deep respect for the animals we care for.

Our great great great grandfather, Joseph Clark, son of a Scottish cattleman, was given a year to live when diagnosed with tuberculosis at 17. Seeking a fresh start, he and his brother Thomas traveled to America. They found themselves in Kansas where their fellow Scotsman, George Grant, the father of Angus cattle, had recently introduced the breed to the Midwest. Seeking their fortune in the far west, Joseph and Thomas left for the Idaho Territory in 1883. They took with them some of the first Black Angus cattle the west would see.